Every Piece Matters – Jeremiah’s Story

Your generosity and support of Lighthouse Youth Center changes lives for Milwaukee youth. I would like to better show you the deep impact you’ve had by introducing you to Jeremiah.

Jeremiah and his twin sister began attending Lighthouse Youth Center immediately upon turning 10 (the minimum age requirement to attend Lighthouse). His four older siblings had been coming to Lighthouse for over a year before he was allowed in and he could not wait until he was finally old enough to attend himself.

Fast forward to today. Jeremiah is 14 years old now and has officially been accepted to Luther Prep for the 2018-2019 school year! He got to this point by attending Lighthouse regularly, working hard during homework time and soaking up God’s Word! His favorite part of Lighthouse is “devotion because it provides a deeper understanding of the Word.” Jeremiah enjoys growing in his faith and is currently taking catechism classes at Redemption Lutheran Church with the intention of being confirmed this May.

Of course, there were obstacles along the way. A year ago, the housing development near Lighthouse, where Jeremiah and his family lived, was being torn down and they were relocated to a home significantly farther away from Lighthouse. No longer within walking distance, Jeremiah was dedicated and determined to still make it to Lighthouse, a valuable place in his life, two days each week. You can find him at Lighthouse every Tuesday and Friday after school.

While he is not entirely sure what career path he is headed for, his favorite subjects in school are math and science and he has told me that being a heart surgeon is something he has always had in mind. Although, he also said, “you never know, I could see potentially being a future site director at Lighthouse.” I’m glad he didn’t say Executive Director!

The future is bright and full of potential for Jeremiah, thanks to the opportunities you provided through your generous support of Lighthouse Youth Center! And Jeremiah is just one example! You’ve provided this safe, Christ-centered program to over 4,200 youth over the past 12 years. Thank you!

It costs $835 per year for one child to attend Lighthouse. Would you consider a gift, in any amount, to help us completely fund 25 youth for the year, by April 30?

Every gift matters!

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