Lighthouse Youth Center is an after-school facility that provides constructive activities and spiritual guidance to at-risk youth on Milwaukee’s northwest side. Lighthouse relies heavily on individual gifts to help keep its doors open to the more than 500 teens served. There are a number of ways to donate to Lighthouse Youth Center, including through our website or by mailing your gift to Lighthouse. If you prefer a method of giving not listed here, please contact Pastor James Buske, Executive Director, to coordinate the donation.

Our Giving Programs

Please consider supporting Lighthouse Youth Center. You will join with the group of individuals committed to keeping this beacon for Christ burning brightly. Through the combined efforts of these individuals, Lighthouse Youth Center will be able to continue its current programs for the youth and also to expand its services in the future. Download our Guidance through Giving brochure.

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Donate to Lighthouse

Lighthouse Ship Chandlers

Donation of a Wish List Item

The Ship Chandlers is Lighthouse’s wishlist of items needed to help us serve the youth of the community. You may purchase an item displayed on the Ship Chandlers wishlist directly and deliver it to Lighthouse Youth Center. Please contact Pastor James Buske for the current list of items and to schedule a delivery time.

Lighthouse Beacons

No Minimum Single or Recurring Monthly Donations

To maintain our current programming, we rely on our Lighthouse Beacon donors. Lighthouse Beacon donors are those supporters who are committed to keeping the beacon of Christ burning brightly in the lives of the young people we serve. If you are new to our family of supporters or are looking for a simple, yet effective way to help our youth, then consider becoming a Lighthouse Beacon. Your gift may be made as a single donation or as a recurring monthly donation.

Lighthouse Keepers

Donation of $600 or More Per Year, Single or Recurring Monthly Donation

For those who are able to give more, the Lighthouse Keepers program is a wonderful way to support Lighthouse Youth Center on a larger scale. Funds from Lighthouse Keepers allow us to continue the current services and programs. Lighthouse Keepers are those donors who are able to make a gift of $600 or more per year. Your gift may be made as a single gift or as a recurring $50 monthly donation.

Lighthouse Builders

Donation of $1200 or More Per Year, Single or Recurring Monthly Donation

By becoming a Lighthouse Builder and donating $1,200 or more in a year, you join with those committed to expanding Lighthouse’s services and programs. Whether you become a Lighthouse Builder through an annual one-time gift or through a recurring monthly donation, you help build the future of Lighthouse Youth Center.

Lighthouse Endowment

In 2009, the Board of Directors formally established the Lighthouse Youth Center Endowment Fund to help secure the future of Lighthouse.

Donations given to the Endowment are permanent; only the interest is used for projects and expansion of Lighthouse. This allows for the donation to have a much greater impact over a longer period of time. Funding Lighthouse’s endowment may be done through large cash gifts, stocks, or through your estate plan. Should you choose to support Lighthouse in this way, please contact Pastor James Buske for a personal meeting and seek the advice of a professional financial planner.

Ways to Donate:

Web: or
5641 N. 68th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53218
Please call Pastor Buske at 414.477.8379 or